My Passion - Katarzyna Skorek

What is passion? In my opinion, it is something difficult to define. I only know that-we can't live without it. It's a fascination, love(sometimes desire). One thing is certain - love without a hobby is "bland" and uninteresting. My hobby is my hope for the future, for the better tomorrow. I can always forget about everything and spend a moment in my private world.
  Since I have remembered, painting was my interest. My passion is my confidant, know my thoughts and secrets. Therefore, my paintings show failures, dreams, emotions, desires - everything we experience. My favourite style of painting is impressionism - striving to give sensuality and "catching the fleeing moment". I'm fascinated by paintings Edgar Degas and Cloude Monet.
  I think, painting shapes sensivity and teaches us patience. This is a great way to eliminate stress. In the future, I would like to be an independent artist. I'm interested in innovative methods of art such as sculpting in metal and "glue painting". My greatest success would be to get into a state university in Warsaw. Actually, I attend a special course where I often do my projects. To my mind, I made a big progress in my career. Although, I have a lot of work, I do my best and that work gives me unimaginable satisfaction.




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